Almost half a century of design, research, made in Italy excellence. And almost 40 years of uninterrupted participation in the Milan Furniture Fair. Since 2012 a showroom of 700 square meters on the edge of Meda became a reference point for planners, contract customers, architects and designers. Gentrified charming industrial space, steel scenes, self-propelled panels, theatrical lighting. A contemporary stage, where the company plays out its visions of living, through layouts, which keep on renewing themselves. Bodema strength is to stand to its principles, with the desire to evolve. Today changing and remaining successful mean to think in a global perspective, where Italy is one of the markets to relate to together with the rest of the world. And in this new prospect, attending to international fairs, taking care of communication, anticipating and adopting new technologies are the strategies to grow and continue to be yourself.


In the global dimension of markets and ideas, the roots are a valuable asset. The fil rouge of a history that begins in the 60s and 70s of the last century. The adventure of a family and of a completely Italian business. It is the time of the economic boom and the Made in Italy design experiences a moment of great fervour. In a small factory in the heart of Brianza they are working at lightning speed. The plant is located in Meda district, forever famous for upholstered products and for the skill of its craftsmen upholsterers. One of them, Giulio De Mango, had already opened a decade before his company. He started as a contractor and then, among the pioneers of a sector in growing expansion, he launched his own brand. Bodema. For nearly 50 years a family business, today in its second generation. An evolving path, open up to international scenarios. And a unique way, since then, to think and build sofas, armchairs, beds and sofabeds.