The sculptural look of the Sound sofa traces a new way of thinking for a different approach to the upholstered product. Single and multifunctional elements easy to adapt to the living room and public reception areas. A new and unprecedented range of mono-seating program characterised by soft curves and asymmetrical lines.


The Man-go seating program has been designed to offer a perpetual experience of great comfort. The generous but balanced proportions, the well known tailoring, the endless choice of available elements, the perfection and the avant-garde that characterizes the Man-go’s manufacturing elements are few among the most relevant elements that can be traced back to the Bodema style.


The balanced and elegant style takes the forms of the past. The armrest with feminine and rounded lines, evokes other eras, but always with a touch of modernity. A timeless classic revisited in fabrics, padding, materials and ergonomics.


The Shanghai seating program is the result of careful and careful research on free form: the whole project is based on the possibility of obtaining relaxation areas in continuous evolution, without pre-established preparation and in an extremely simple way.
The individual modules, of different sizes, perfectly intersect each other and complement each other, while the backrests, also of different size and type, define articulated relaxation areas, offering different sitting modes.
The sheet metal insert that supports the back cushions is completely original and characterized by a strong aesthetic shape, a simple metal insert becomes the fulcrum of the whole program; combined with the second variant of the load-bearing backrest, it gives Shanghai the opportunity to experience the sofa in different ways, depending on the number of guests, their needs, and the time of day.
A system that offers a new concept of comfort and redesigns the landscape of the living room.


Structure and rigorous definition of aesthetic minimalism define in Ètime a new shape of the sofa. The sofa base, designed to become the support for the overlapping of backrests, seat cushions and support surfaces, to create an interesting play of volumes, with an alternation of full and empty spaces. The sofa remains suspended from the ground through polished chromed iron brackets; Ètime is also the triumph of relax by excellence, thanks to the soft materials specifically selected for the cushions enriched by the abundant presence of goose feather and which contribute to amplifying the pleasant contrast with the strictness of the underneath base. The comfortable “up and down” backrest is available as an option, a mechanism designed specifically for reading and to reach more composed comfort.


International style, ergonomic constructions, important but dynamic volumes. Slightly sloping lines trace the square yet light geometries of the back, seat and armrests. The cantilever feet that propel the armrests movement in an unconventional way instead of at the ends, propulsive element.

Mr Floyd

Each element of Mr.Floyd range contributes to an impeccable summary of ergonomics and comfort. Inclinations, padding, sizes. The attention to detail reveals itself with discretion, from the crafts stitching to the elegant shaping of the legs. The clean design makes it a cross-cutting sofa, in tune with the different styles of living.


Curved lines in perfect balance draw wrap-around and rigorous forms of the Anyway seating program, composed by fixed sofas, terminal and corner elements capable of creating compositions of the most varied shapes and sizes. The particular topstitching on the armrest and the aluminum base available in the different given colors are other significant, certainly not secondary, features that characterize this product.


Barclay is a modular sofa created to offer an experience of absolute comfort; characterized by extremely generous padding in all its parts, it has soft and welcoming volumes, but retains the ability to remain “in order” with respect to an always rigorous aesthetic.
All this thanks to an ideal mixture of materials, the result of experience and internal creative ability. The generous seat cushions are in feather with an insert in non-deformable material, backs strictly in goose feather for totally informal comfort and full relax; Barclay is characterized by a vast offer of modules and modular combinations.


The cover with piping enriches the design and reminds historical sofas. Clean design offers a contemporary vision of a great classic. The modern construction solutions guarantee solidity and comfort and the most advanced technology is combined with skilled hand-made workmanships.


Bodema | Divani, Letti, Trasformabili, Poltrone, Complementi Meda[:en]Bodema | Divani, Letti, Divanoletto, Mobilificio Meda

Divani, Letti, Trasformabili, Poltrone, Complementi Meda[:en]Divani, Letti, Divanoletto, Mobilificio Meda

Bodema | Divani, Letti, Trasformabili, Poltrone, Complementi Meda[:en]Bodema | Divani, Letti, Divanoletto, Mobilificio Meda

Divani, Letti, Trasformabili, Poltrone, Complementi Meda[:en]Divani, Letti, Divanoletto, Mobilificio Meda