About Us

Quality, design and the excellence of Made in Italy finest upholstery.
Bodema is an Italian sofas manufacturer with over 50 years' experience in fine upholstery. We design and produce modern and contemporary bespoke sofas, high end sofa beds, exclusive armchairs and tailor made upholstered beds. Our brand works with skilled craftspeople and acclaimed architects to curate collections that are exclusively custom made and handcrafted to order, with a focus on latest designs.
A family run company with a strong attitude towards traditional techniques, our choice is to create high quality pieces that will stand the test of time. The result is a series of collections made for style-conscious individuals.
Bodema draws inspiration and strength from Brianza's woodwork and upholstery long time tradition. Distinctive tailored looks, handmade detailing, premium materials: this is our heritage, a story of exquisite Italian savoir-faire.
Our work reaches its full potential in international non-residential projects: limited collections for cruise ships, boutique hotels and luxury resorts.
Bodema, a modern tale of Italian craftsmanship
The Italy of the 1960s. It’s the time of the economic boom, Italian interior design is at its pinnacle and 'made in Italy' starts to turn into a brand. In Meda, a small town north of Milan, there’s an upholstery mill. Inside the small workshop the craftsmen work at a fast pace.
One of them is Giulio de Mango. He opened his own business a decade ago. Starting out as a third-party manufacturer, he quickly becomes a maker and a pioneer of this fast-growing industry.
Soon after he launches his own brand: Bodema.
This was the beginning of an evolution that has brought us to become a company with a global vocation. 50 years of uninterrupted presence at the Milan Design Week has led to the brand's launch on the international scene. Communication and technology are now key to our growth. True to our artisan roots, we have been able to open up to the world.
Materials, components and mechanisms for the contemporary home.
True to our values, ready to evolve: this is our strength. A high-end atelier with a craftsman's soul, a laboratory of ideas where materials are selected and combined in an endless search for beauty: luxurious fabrics and jewel toned velvets, premium leathers in rich colours, prized woods and metals.
Proportions, balance and a fascination for dynamic furniture. These are the driving forces behind our collection of modular seating solutions and convertibles. It takes time and experience to build a quality sofa, especially if it is a sofa bed. Such complex pieces need skillful manufacturers and high quality mechanisms in order to acquire a sleek appearance that can fit into contemporary interiors.
Bodema's sofas sophisticated, custom look, is a blend of impeccable execution, consistency, comfort and ergonomics. The quality of the frame, components, cushioning, upholstery and seams are hallmarks of a superior product. But it's the design to give the ultimate touch.
A family-run craft business, for two generations.
In this picture, gathered together: Luca, Corrado and Giulio de Mango.
“Love what you do. This has to be what drives you. Challenge yourself, constantly, never settle for less, broaden your horizons.
I’ve always wanted to learn a craft so as a boy I began an apprenticeship as an upholsterer. And I acquired everything there was to master on this job. A chair or a sofa is an object I build from start to finish.
Mine is a global approach that goes against the current fragmentation of production. But it is precisely this knowledge of the product in its entirety that makes me more confident, that continues to excite me and that makes me understand the dynamics of the market, how important an innovation is, how valid and decisive a technology can be.
This is what gives me satisfaction: discovering, after so many years of work, how much more I can experience and grow with Bodema.”
Giulio De Mango
From the workshop to the 700 m² showroom in Brianza.
From a busy mill to a 700 m² showroom where sofas, convertible sleeper sofas, beds and exclusive accessories are permanently on display in a venue created to welcome customers from all over the world. Since 2012 this space in Meda, 25 km from Milan, has become a reference for interior designers, architects and clients.
A visionary space with a contemporary vibe, steel screens, moving panels and theatrical lighting: an exclusive place where the company stages its idea of contemporary living with ever-changing displays.