Cookie Policy

Uso dei Cookie

The website uses Cookies to enhance the user experience.
Users who visit and browse through the website pages accept that small text files are stored within their internet browser.

The types of cookies we use support different functionalities:
- store the user wishlist
- store user and password so users don’t have to enter them each time they visit
- study and improve how the website is used and how users interact with it

Tipologie di Cookie

Technical Cookies are those that the website needs in order to function. If they are not accepted, parts of the site won’t function as intended. They are divided into two categories:
- persistent cookies: once the browser is closed they do not expire, but thay have a set expiry date;
- session cookies: expire every time the browser is closed

All Cookies sent from are needed in order for the website to function and for the users to visit and browse through it. They are essential and they will be always used and sent, unless users change their browser settings so that cookies are not accepted: if you choose to do this, be aware may no longer function as intended. Analytical Cookies are used to collect information on how the website is used and allow us to study how customers interact with our website. This is known as website analytics, the data are saved by analytical tools such as Google Analytics (property of Google). These cookies collect information about how many visitors has, how many times they visit, what specific pages and how long, traffic source information, geographic origin, age, gender and interests. These are collected for marketing campaigns and sent by third party domains outside this Website.

Nota Bene

There are two ways users can deny the use of Cookies:
- through specific browser settings or other programs used to surf the website pages
- by modifying the settings about the use of third party services.