Bianca Relais

Oggiono (Italy), 2020
Interior decor project for Bianca Relais, an exclusive 5-star hotel in the idyllic shores of Lake Annone, in Oggiono. The luxury venue, for which designer Giuseppe Manzoni is project leader, houses ten deluxe rooms planned with attention to the smallest details. Peaceful spaces where Bodema's creations become the undisputed but discreet protagonists. Upholstered beds, reading armchairs, decorative poufs: these are not just simple furniture pieces, but the result of a custom made solution handcrafted with prized materials selected to meet the expectations of the clientele, and to confirm the high standard of the structure.

No less important are the bar and restaurant areas. The common areas demonstrate the versatility and creativity of the brand, which is committed to furnishing cozy collective environments with a strong character, casual yet refined.

Project Team
Giuseppe Manzoni - Head Designer
Rita Consonni - Architect
Carlotta Manzoni - Architect
Alberto Invernizzi - Engineer