Rita Consonni

Graduated at Istituto Tecnico per Geometri in Lecco, a degree in architecture at Politecnico in Milano - industrial design course through a thesis in polymeric materials recycle technology. This work was well defined and applied in architecture thanks to a cooperation with company Draco, based in Milan area. A new composition of a structural and insulating material was achieved and this assured high vote of the examining commission to graduate. She promptly qualified as professional by passing the national licensing examination.

Interested and fascinated by architecture, she started as a child to freehand draw construction cranes, residential interiors and furnishing complements.

During university years she cooperated with interior design studios for architecture and for engineering, she continued retraining and she could realize different projects. To mention her most important and recent project, involved with a team of professionals, the rebuilding and renovating of Bianca Relais hotel and restaurant which was the first hotel in Lecco province to become 5 stars.

After her degree she entered many interior design studios and with experience she sharpened her desire to create home environments by giving more attention to the decoration. She is specialized in the design of housing solutions of high level and she develops residential projects, sometimes in cooperation, by using the best furniture brands of made in Italy. She also designs custom-made furniture and complements with the awareness that each proposal is unique and contains the essence of the product design to express designer’s choice and personal taste but above all it must convey the emotion of beauty and the balance of things in their form.