Umberto Cifarelli, Roberto Picello

Umberto Cifarelli was born in Saronno, in the province of Varese, on 9 May 1968. Right from his primary school days, he showed strong artistic and technical abilities.

In 1982 he enrolled at the Professional Technical Institute in Lissone, a school with a focus on furniture design. In 1985 he graduated and the same year he took on a master course. After two years, he obtained his diploma as a Furniture Industry Technician.

His first professional collaboration, dating back to 1987, was with the Melgrati Mobili company in Lissone. The result was a long-lasting relationship, with notable results in national and international contexts. As a freelancer, he consolidated his collaboration with renowned local shops such as F.lli Libretti, where he improved his technical knowledge in the field of bathroom furniture and renovation.

In 2009, together with architect Roberto Picello, he founded Design Division, a company specialising in research and design.