Giuseppe Manzoni
Rectangular grey geometric rug with square pattern and red fringes. Available 200x300 cm or 250x350 cm, this is a viscose handmade short pile area rug, for living and dining rooms.


Frame is a rectangular grey geometric rug with a square pattern and red fringes. Available 200x300 cm or 250x350 cm, this short pile area rug is the best match for living rooms and dining rooms, close to a sofa and chair suite or below a table.
Combining different shades of grey and turtledove hues, the Frame suits modern and contemporary home decors. Its neutral hues are the perfect choice for those who want a timeless accessory, able to stand the test of time and to effortlessly combine with any type of furniture, no matter their materials and colours.
An exclusive design by Giuseppe Manzoni for Bodema, this minimalist geometric rug is hand-knotted in India using the traditional Tibetan weaving technique. This is a piece artfully constructed with up to 62,000 knots per square metre, which makes the weave ultra resistant. In both the grey and turtledove versions, tiny hand-applied coloured fringes complete the look.


  • Size

    Rectangular 200x300 / 250x350 cm

  • Colours

    Grey and Turtledove with red-orange fringes.

  • Materials

    Viscose on cotton warp. Wool fringes.

  • Manufacturing Process

    Manufactured in India, Frame rugs are hand-knotted at 40 knots per square inch, or 62,000 knots per square metre. The knot used is the so-called Tibetan or asymmetrical knot. This ancient weaving technique is unique in the world. A rod is temporarily placed in front of the warp along the entire length of the carpet. A continuous thread is wound around two threads of the warp and then once around the rod. When an entire line is completed, the threads around the rod are cut to create the knots and pile. The result is a high density of knots, which make the rug very wear resistant.

  • Collection

    Frame is one of our handcrafted rugs. Find out more about Bodema's bespoke creations in the dedicated section
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