Giuseppe Manzoni

Born in Oggiono in 1952, after high school he studied at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, where he was a pupil of Bruno Munari, Alberto Rosselli and other masters of Italian design. He became an Industrial Designer in 1976 and since then has worked with several design studios, including Studio Ramstein and Studio De Vries.

In the 80s he founded his own studio and took care of important renovation, architecture and interior design projects. He is an art lover and expert connoisseur of antique and contemporary rugs, curating several photographic exhibitions on the subject.

He is a member of ADI (Association for Industrial Design) and collaborates with important names in the furniture, lighting and accessories industry such as Baxter, Bodema, Emmebi and L'Origine. He works on residential and non-residential projects in Italy and abroad, particularly in Barcelona, London, Lugano, Warsaw, Montecarlo, Formentera, Saint Moritz and the French Riviera.

In addition to private homes, his projects include offices and large workspaces, all infused with the same glamour reserved for domestic settings. At the same time, he designs public spaces, making them welcoming and personalised without compromising in function.

His studio boasts a team of architects, designers, engineers and decorators, an eclectic team capable of developing any design concept.