Contemporary high legged modular sofa with wrap around bookcase and aluminium raised deck. Deep feather cushions, soft arms and low back ensure maximum comfort. 2, 3, 4, 5+ seater, corner, L-shaped, panoramic.


Merging contemporary design, comfort and elegance, Man-Go is a high legged modular sofa with wrap around bookcase, wide track arms and low loose back cushions. A bespoke clever solution with infinite configurations, this seating system is designed to suit a unique home. The made-to-order sections can be arranged to suit any space with more conventional 2, 3, 4, 5 or more seat couches, or more spacious corner sofas, u-shaped or panoramic layouts as well as smaller, yet roomy, L-shaped sofas. All models come with a luxurious range of upholstery materials: removable fabrics in neutral or vibrant colours, glamorous velvets or stylish leathers.
Man-Go is built on love of superior craftsmanship, a notion expressed by its many tailor made elements, starting from the sleek metal frame. This unique deck with high tapered legs is made of die-cast aluminium and has the power of instantly lightening the volumes, elevating the sofa off the floor and giving it a floating appearance. A distinguishing feature created exclusively for Bodema, this exceptional frame is engineered to support the full weight without the need for any ungraceful structural central feet.
The attention to sophisticated details doesn’t end here. The sofa wide and deep seats are generous, made for you to unwind within Gold Label goose feather cushions which are crafted to lend plush comfort combined with impeccable aesthetics. Plumping is in fact not required as shape and resiliency are guaranteed by a polyurethane foam core and a channelling system that keeps the feathers even.
Making the best use of any space, each module can be complemented by a range of marble low side tables and wood shelving. The built-in wengé finished oak wood bookcase features skillfully carved edges with a 45° degree angle, and it can be placed behind and alongside the seating modules. An embedded bookshelf is a beauty for those who value the time spent curled up with a book on one of the best reading nooks: one’s own living room.
Plus, this combo is a valuable space saver and a truly cosmopolitan, stylish touch. With this piece, you not only choose a must-have for contemporary living spaces, but you gain a high end, skillfully crafted room divider for every style conscious open plan dwelling.


  • Structure

    Wood frame padded with polyurethane foam. Breakdownable sofa.

  • Filling

    Seat cushions in D35 polyurethane foam core topped by channelled goose feathers. Back cushions in D22 polyurethane foam core and compartmented goose feathers. Feathers are wrapped in a 100% cotton down-proof ticking.

  • Legs and Deck

    Anthracite or Bronze finished aluminium.

  • Upholstery

    Available in fabric (removable), velvet and leather (not removable).

  • Bookcase

    Wengé finished oak veneer with polished mdf inserts in matt Bronze or Anthracite finish (matching the sofa structure)

  • Collection

    Man-Go is part of a Made in Italy, high quality, Sofas Collection that features only custom made upholstered furniture and made to order accessories. Find out more about Bodema's handmade bespoke creations in the dedicated section